5 major misconceptions about Home Services Digital Marketing

5 major misconceptions about Home Services Digital Marketing

Home Services Marketing Myth #1 – Digital Marketing Is Too Expensive

It’s tempting to look at digital marketing as “just another business expense.”

But, when done well, marketing is an investment that pays for itself in new business.

Many of my clients have yielded significant revenue increases – a home services company I work with in SE Michigan yields $8 in revenue for every advertising dollar spent.

They regularly spend over $800 per month on marketing – because they see the results.

It delivers a clear ROI at a much lower cost per lead than radio or TV advertising.

Home Services Marketing Myth #2 – No One Clicks On Those Google Ads

What you’re really saying is you don’t click on ads that don’t interest you or are not believable.

According to Forrester Research, businesses will invest over $103 billion on online advertising by 2019 – with a special focus on search marketing, display networks, social media advertising & email – more than they spend on TV & cable.

Do you think they’d be spending all this money if it wasn’t resulting in more business?

Myth #3 – All our business comes through word of mouth. We don’t need to invest in marketing.

If you get a lot of referrals, great! That means your customers really like your work.

Be careful, though, of relying exclusively on referrals.

What happens if those leads dry up, decreasing your revenues, while your expenses stay the same?

You’re much better off with a system that generates service calls whenever you need them.

A good system generates a consistent source of leads, for a “safety net” if you’re not getting enough calls from existing customers. Also, it stabilizes your cash flow.

Myth #4 – We tried digital marketing in the past, so it will never work for our business.

The real question is: why?

Often, it’s due to one of the following factors:

  • Ads that don’t capture the interest of potential customers
  • Poor targeting
  • Generic landing pages with a boring marketing message
  • Poor website design
  • Not making it clear what you want your customers to do next

It’s usually a symptom of a deeper problem – your ads didn’t resonate with your target audience.

Myth #5 – Any local digital marketing agency can handle your marketing for you

A lot of local agencies have clients in many different industries, but sometimes they don’t understand your industry.

As a result, you pay for market, industry & customer research in the first couple of months, instead of more business.

Myth #6 – Any writer can create content for your business online

A lot of home services businesses hire an intern or English major to create their website content.

Creation of content that turns a visitor into a customer requires a very different skill set – salesmanship on the web.