5 things to consider before signing the dotted line

5 things to consider before signing the dotted line

Finding the right digital marketing agency can be overwhelming, especially when you get hundreds of calls from marketers promising to get you ranked on page 1.

How do you discern who actually delivers?

This article gives you valuable tips you should look for..

  1. Don’t hire someone just because they’re “Google Adwords Certified,” have a fancy portfolio or show first-page rankings.

The Google Adwords Certification and high search engine rankings are only a piece of the puzzle. The real question: do they understand how to convert those visitors into new customers?

Anyone can put words on a screen – but a writer that knows how to turn those words into sales is hard to find.

2. Make sure they focus on the customer journey, not just keywords

Anyone can put a keyword list together. But this doesn’t always equate to success.

What really matters is creating ads, landing pages and content that successfully turns a prospect into a sales lead.

3. Make sure that they can measure your ROI

Reputable agencies know how to prove the return on investment of their work. Plus, they have tracking systems in place to show you how many leads you’re getting.

At the bare minimum, your agency should ask you:

  • Your average customer lifetime value
  • The closure rate of Internet leads
  • Your margins

They should also have:

  • Call tracking systems with sales lead email notifications
  • Ways to lower your cost / new customer over time

4. A solid grasp of your industry

Many “one size fits all” agencies are good in different areas, but don’t always understand your industry. This equates to costly trial and error and market research.

It’s much more economical to hire one that understands your industry – so you’re paying for results.

5. An ability to train your office manager on how to book the appointment

An often-overlooked area, but crucial. Without a good system for turning calls into appointments, leads will fall through the cracks.

6. Ask them how they plan to deliver the results for you.

While you shouldn’t expect them to give away their trade secrets, they should give you a high-level, bulletproof overview of their plan.

You should look for:

  • Setting up of dedicated landing pages to send traffic to – not your homepage
  • Copywriting to turn visitors into sales leads
  • A discussion with you about your goals, needs and objectives
  • Interviewing about various aspects about your business to identify unique selling points