How to avoid being seen as “just another home service company”

How to avoid being seen as “just another home service company”

When customers search online for a home services company, your job is to convince them you’ll do it right.

To get them calling you, you need to be perceived as “a cut above” your competitors.

You probably have the expertise to properly fix furnaces, appliances, plumbing systems, etc., respond quickly to a customer’s emergency, charge reasonable prices and have great customer service. These are all ingredients for a great home services business.

But many visitors don’t know that – unless you tell them.

I’m sure you hear stories all the time about “that guy” that didn’t show up on time (or not at all!), didn’t install according to code or mis-diagnosed the problem.

As a contractor, it is your duty to make sure they understand you’re not “like that guy.” Otherwise, you’re doing them a disservice!

Now, you may not have 20 trucks like the guy on the other side of town. But with some creativity, you can stand out from 95% of home service companies in your area.

The key is to think like a detective, and to be willing to ask questions that 95% of your competitors are afraid to ask. It often reveals clues to what really separates you from everyone else.

Don’t be afraid to probe, at a very deep level, until you find out why potential customers really do business with you.

While it is a very in-depth process that my paying clients go through, here are a few key points:

  • Creativity will help you stand out. Be original – don’t copy your competition.
  • Customers aren’t buying air conditioner or furnace repair. They’re buying their way out of discomfort.
  • Understand your customer’s needs and their thought process when they’re looking for a repair man.
  • Think like a detective. How do you fulfill your customer’s needs? What are your company’s strengths & weaknesses? You’ll find it useful to talk to your employees, salespeople and best customers – because in many cases, they will tell it even better than you can!

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