How do you make sure your home services marketing actually delivers results?

How do you make sure your home services marketing actually delivers results?

An early pioneer in the industry, David Ogilvy, said, “The customer is not a moron; she is your wife.”

His point? You should aim to understand your target customer so well that they feel like you’re talking to a friend when they come to your website.

Go beyond keywords – look at the thought process of your customer, and think through how you’ll persuade them to call you.

Think about:

The exact problem you solve for them

When they go online, they need help like yesterday.

And your potential customer is not really buying a furnace repair service. He / she is buying their way out of discomfort.

Show them you understand their problem.

Why they search for specific keywords

Think about the reason why a potential customer just typed in that keyword, and the associated pains, frustrations, etc. that they’re experiencing.

What would motivate them to click on your ads or search engine listings

Be creative – think about what your customer is really looking for.

No one wants to click on ads that are not interesting.

How good your marketing message is

John Carlton, one of the industry’s leading marketing consultants, said, “If you have a product that you know will help people, shame on you for not doing everything in your power to persuade them to buy it.”

Pretty thought-provoking, huh?

Think of your home services website like a stage in front of an audience of interested prospects.

If your product / service is as good as you say it is, the marketing message should be so good that, out of every 100 people, at least 15-20 should pick up the phone & call you.

Don’t do it haphazardly – think about what their customers really want before you sit down to write.

Whether or not you send people to highly targeted landing pages

To get calls, focus ruthlessly on eliminating every possible possible distraction that keeps customers from completing the goal.

Focus ruthlessly on one thing only – the phone call.

Don’t send them to the homepage, because they could check out your blog, About Us page, or videos and get distracted.

How well you track Internet leads that are coming in

One of my favorite advertising quotes is, “measurement eliminates argument.”

You shouldn’t rely on guesswork to know how well your marketing is working. You need data.

Without it, it’s like driving a truck with no dashboard telling you how much gas is in the tank.

And don’t just rely on your office manager. What if you want to know which keywords are getting calls?

Call tracking technology & web analytics tools help solve this, by giving you a breakdown of calls from Google Adwords, Smartphones and the search results.

My favorite platform gives you email notifications when you receive a new lead, so you can easily follow up. It also gives you the names, phone numbers and cities of those callers.

Make sure you & your office manager review them, and compare it to your customer database, so you can measure how many of them turn into paying customers.

Your ability to close the sale

All the leads in the world won’t mean anything if you can’t get the service call.

Your office manager should have some basic sales skills, so she can diplomatically answer the question, “How much does it cost?” without losing the appointment.

Otherwise, these calls won’t translate into more business!

I have seen digital marketing deliver $8 in revenue for every dollar spent on advertising – but you have to have these systems “dialed in” to get the best results.