My Unique Approach

The Home Services Marketing Guy helps you get more service calls without all the hassle

Timothy Howse, the Home Services Marketing Guy, is on a mission to rescue you from the “set it and forget it” home service marketing campaigns. I've seen it time and again. A business contacts me after a marketing company promised the moon, but delivered no results.

Why does this happen?  Because lot of agencies are good at a number of different things – including building pretty websites and getting them ranked high in Google, but few build a system that focuses on the 20% of marketing activities that enable you to scale your service call volume, profitably.  It’s called 80/20 Marketing.

What is 80/20 Marketing for Home Service Companies?


Don’t Look Like “Just Another Home Service Company”

We think like a detective by digging many layers deep into your home service business to form a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that tells the homeowner:  why should they choose you over every other home services company?  And why they should call you right now?

With this dialed in, you'll really stand out.


Know your target customer better than your competition

Instead of using traditional demographics research (age, location, income, etc.), we use psychographics & often-overlooked data sources to identify the exact thought process your customer uses when looking for a home service company.


Understand the competitive landscape like a book

Just like football teams spend hours studying film looking for holes in the opponent’s game plan, we analyze lots of potential search queries and dozens of different selling points to identify unconventional marketing strategies to use that are different than your competition uses.  


Attract the Right Customers

Not all customers are created equal. We focus on developing marketing campaigns designed to attract more profitable customers for your home services company.


Lower Your cost / New Customer

We don’t send prospective customers to your website’s homepage or lump all the keywords & ads into one campaign.

When your customers search for furnace repair, dishwasher repair or another home service, they want a landing page about that specific service - not your homepage.  Our campaigns have hundreds of ad groups, keywords and multiple landing pages, resulting in less wasted ad spend, better targeting, more service calls and a lower cost / customer.


Industry Experts

We don’t try to be “all things to all people.” We’ve poured our time, energy and resources to develop the best possible online marketing system exclusively for home service companies. With our system, the speed at which you get calls is a lot faster. Since the “heavy lifting” has been done, risk is lower – you’re paying for a system that already works – not trial & error.


more service calls - not just better rankings

Page 1 rankings on Google are useless if those website visitors don’t turn into more calls. We work tirelessly to deliver what really matters – more customers.


Rigorous Testing

We don’t believe in “set it and forget it” marketing campaigns. We frequently test new marketing approaches to improve on the results from previous months and quarters.